One Switch Mouse

One Switch Mouse

Enables a user to control the mouse pointer using a single switch (See all)

One SwitchMouse enables a user to control the mouse pointer using a single switch. This technique is particularly suited to users who have good fine motor control and cognitive ability. With practice, this technique can be used to control a mouse at high speeds.

One SwitchMouse requires the use of only one switch or button to give the user complete control of the mouse. One SwitchMouse also allows the application to be setup in a way that suits the individual requirements. As well as controlling the speed and acceleration of the mouse movement, the input device switch that is used to control the mouse movement can be altered.

The switch used to control One SwitchMouse can be either the space bar (or a switch controller box which emulates the space bar), the middle mouse button, or joystick/gamepad button 1 or 2. Integration of additional, alternative input device techniques such as game pads, numeric keypads and touch pads gives more flexibility in controlling and writing on the PC.

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